Finally, there's a neighborhood that provides a quiet, peaceful setting with the convenience you desire . . . it's Rockwall Estates!  And, as a resident of Rockwall Estates you  will almost be "next door" to everything . . . clinics, retail  shopping, supermarkets, banks, service stations, and much more!  We're  tucked away just south of Heritage Bank on East 54 Highway, in El Dorado  Springs.   (Just enter the street on the west side of the bank.)

We've carefully selected the name "Rockwall Estates" to  represent the pride we have in historical El Dorado Springs, and the  solid reputation we wanted to stake in providing a quality place for  our friends to call their "home".  At Rockwall Estates you'll  enjoy retaining the independence of having your own home, and your  privacy, but you'll eliminate all of the work normally needed to  maintain a home.  We believe that you deserve to be "pampered" and  we provide maintenance on everything from the wide, lighted curbed and  guttered concrete streets, to your lawn, and even the inside of your  residence.  Trash service, lawn care, snow removal, and much more become  "our duties", not yours.  We intend for you to enjoy life, and living,  at Rockwall Estates!

If you think you're ready to "live the good life", getting rid of the  chores of maintaining a home, call us for an appointment to see one of  our residences.  We offer individual 2 bedroom residences and our newest  facility, the Commons Residence, that provides six 1-bedroom residences  within a common facility. 

We believe you will be ready to relax and enjoy life a little bit more when YOU become a resident of Rockwall Estates!

Call us @ 417/876-1173
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We Offer:

 Modern, private residences

* Lawn maintenance

* Full private concrete drives 

* Electric, water, & trash services included (Commons Residence)

* Close to medical, dental, & visioncare facilities

* Nearby shopping

* Quiet, private setting

* Full maintenance provided

* Much more! 

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Rockwall Estates Senior Living
Owned and operated by:
Ken and Alice Hacker